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JCMAT Riviera

Our values

Customer service

Provide our customers with quality, value-added service in line with their requirements


Stay true to our ethical and entrepreneurial values


Provide technical solutions adapted to the needs of our customers and the specificities of their sites


Respond to sustainable development issues related to our activities

Our culture

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Our vision

Having the ambition to become a regional leader in its sector of activity is the adventure of a committed and competent team working towards a common goal.

Our development is strongly based on the quality of the services associated with our equipment and on our proximity to the needs of construction companies. Listening, availability, responsiveness, social responsibility, quality, expertise and support, are values carried by the Management and all the staff of JCMAT Riviera for an optimal customer experience.

Engaged in a process of continuous improvement, we rely on cross-functionality and skills development, through internal and external training, to make our daily lives a space for dynamic exchanges and enriching sharing that contribute to our overall performance.

Together, let's create the conditions for responsible growth and become a key player in the Great South.

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